About me

I realize that I had not written anything about me; well, my name is Maria, I live in Spain and I am Spanish by birth, since childhood I could not stop imagining, dreaming and mulling over all things, I had a trajectory very dispar (decoration, photography …) which ultimately led me to my passion “Painting”.
It should passed many years to discover my real vocation, now no longer, I cannot live without my brushes.
The technique I use the most is Oil on canvas.
I’m trying  to paint the ideas that I’m not able to say in words. I feel concern for nature, animals, objects and the creation on humans’hand.
I like to mix the instruments created by humans, mountains, trees, flowers, …; give life to what does not; put a face to all human feeling to convey that thought to look, I want you copper box sense without it.
I like the intense colors that vibrate and speak themselves. With the color the painting has harmony, expressing what the eye can not see.
On my painting I always give a message, the work itself will be transported beyond the reality of itself, look at it express desire, you can imagine a story, I want to bring you to an infinite world, with the irony inside such as the human life it has.
Why an object is used only to what has been created?. The man creates, man destroys their instruments, supplies, support, kill, generates enthusiasm, manages to make life easier and at the same time can destroy it. A whole irony.
The world is like coexistence between objects, animals, nature, human hand, irony, feeling.
I want my painting help to open mind, helping people to expand their imagination, creativity, that makes them think, dream, and if possible, to transport them to the world that I have.

One Comment on “About me

  1. Que sorpresa Mireia. Cuanto tiempo, me alegra que me hayas encontrado, con Ari tengo una muy buena amistad y mira que casualidad gracias a su face estamos ahora en contacto
    Espero que estés fenomenal, yo también me acuerdo mucho de esa etapa de mi vida, fue de las mejores
    Ahora con la pintura he descubierto un mundo mágico con la cual expresarme.
    Llevo unos meses sin pintar porque tengo tanta obra, que la quiero exponer, entonces estoy con el lio de las exposiciones.
    Me encantaria que siguiéramos en contacto, tengo una página en face de pintura donde actualizo más que la web y la personal. Si quieres pues nos hablamos por ahí, un beso muy fuerte Mireia.


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